snow capped hills, Scottish Highlands, road snaking through, dark snowy skies

Hownam Studio


Each piece is shaped by the skilled touch of pre-eminent artisans in Scotland. We believe our work will always evoke pleasure in form and function, enhanced by time and use. Our annual collections will evolve, advancing the conversation of contemporary Scottish art and design.

Our work is some of the rarest in the world due to its provenance; the item you possess will be exceptional. The heritage of some of our collection extends back over millennia.

Our studio icon is drawn from ancient Pictish cup and ring rock art and petroglyphs. The ancient symbol has been imbedded for thousands of years within our landscape in places of significance.

Scottish Burr Lime bench, contemporary furniture, black, hand carved, hand made, made in Scotland, Burr Elm base

Black Collection


The inaugural works from Hownam Studio comprise the Black Collection, a study in a northern European aesthetic, and in particular, Scotland. The expressive work explores pattern, form and texture; or more specifically, the relationship between the finished surface and light. It also reflects the colour palette of black, with grey to purple hues and the midnight black of rain-washed trees and stones.

The Studios sculpture explores the qualities of Scottish wood with hand worked surfaces and the interface with water and light, encapsulated in Japanese ideologies such as Kawaakari and Yugen.

Kawaakari, “The gleam of last light on a river’s surface at dusk; the glow of a river in darkness.” and Yugen, Yuugen indicating an incomprehensible depth with hidden beauty, the allure of these objects in low light which we can’t fully understand.”

Materials used include burr walnut, burr elm, precious metals and steel. The intersection between their inherent organic patterns, design, sculpted form and colour palette, evokes a meditation on subtle intrinsic beauty and depth.


The studio produces annual collections and can also create work by commission. The studio creates contemporary art, sculptural furniture, photography, sculpture and prints. Our artisans have created work for public, private and royal collections across the globe.

Isle of Skye, Callanish Stone Circle, standing stones, Scottish landscape



Hownam Studio is the antithesis of today’s disposable culture and planned obsolescence. You have the assurance of knowing that our products are ethical in origin, design and intention.

We take great care in sourcing raw materials with a traceable provenance and in selecting pre-eminent artisans to handcraft each item.

Isle of Skye, Callanish Stone Circle, standing stones, Scottish landscape



By definition and by mission, our products are authentic, rare and cannot be copied. Each work is named, dated, numbered, and stamped in gold. Our items can never be replicated because of the rarity of the materials and unique handcrafted qualities.

Contemporary, sculpture, burr elm, vessel, natural edge, live edge, Scottish wood, hand carved, turned, made in Scotland

Materials & Icon


We use materials and references in our sculptural work of genuine cultural and historical significance. Our ethical procurement process is painstaking, taking many years to locate and prepare each of our resources and rejecting around 90% of those we view. Integrity is key; we know the origin and journey of every element.

We honour those selected by transforming the materials into sculptural products that start a new chapter in their story.