Blog #6 – Provenance

Hownam Studio has provenance on our wood, where it originated from and when it was selected. This process is vital as it establishes the trees history, origin and character. The trees in the round come from Scottish estates, woodlands or other ethical and sustainable sources. Trees will be rejected if the limited and rare national stock hasn’t been honoured by good woodland management. Trees are often wind-blown, felled to due old age or affected by other external issues, the resultant character of these wood sources can be the most interesting, with unique quality and patina. The people we work with in this area can be described as some of the best.

An example of our process is exemplified by “The Lomond Yew”, the wood was sourced ethically from an ancient and historic Scottish Yew from the shores of Loch Lomond where it has grown for over half a millennia. It is unlikely that any other trees will be available ever. This single rare tree was harvested as a conservation measure. To say it is special is an understatement, it is a tree with mysticism gathered over hundreds of years with a important place in Scotland, history soaked into its character, silk to the touch due to its age and amazing density.