Blog #3 – Mathematically Magic Numbers – 2:1 8:5 3:2 4:3, 5:4

Ancient patterns are referenced in several of our pieces such as the Towie Sphere bench and Stools as well as and the Cup & Ring bench carvings. The Studio’s work in this area continues a fascination with these shapes and marks which have endured for millennia.

The form and line draw on our ancient preoccupations that are ultimately expressions of mathematical ratios that enable us to access harmony in music, art, pattern and architecture.

The harmony of these ratios is also present in nature from the growth of plants and trees, to mountains and the curves and shapes of rivers. The natural world has infinitely more complexity and depth than the forms we select. As our eyes and brain search for patterns in the world around us, a deep satisfaction can be accessed in the relationship in the natural lines within the wood, and the human hand worked surfaces of the sculpture.