Blog #1 – Introduction

Hownam Studio has chosen to explore the infinite aspects of nature via sculpture in our first collection of work and celebrate the unique qualities of wood, and in particular Scottish wood.

The features inherent within Scottish wood are the result of the unique environment; climate, sun and moon, dark and shade, wind and rain. The climate has not only had a profound influence on our materials but has also helped shape our creative and expressive thoughts.

The effect of light on surfaces, and the relationship of light and dark in this collection, is particularly important. The shape of the object, the choice of materials, the structure, surface pattern, texture, colour and finish have been sensitively refined. The surfaces diffuse, channel and reflects light. In turn, the nature of the surface will hold the eye, hypnotise and provide a focus for meditation.

We have chosen to introduce powerful natural patterns to influence mood and feeling, these feelings are often absent from contemporary life. The natural patterns enable meditative aspects, absorbed by both touch and vision.

The name of the collection derives from the relationship of light and dark. It is simply called “The Black Collection” in the Northern Aesthetic.