Scenic view of Quiraing Mountains Isle of Skye Scotland UK

Our Artisans


Each of our products is an embodiment of Scotland and the northern aesthetic. It’s in the DNA of all of our ethical raw materials and it’s in the spirit of each of our Scottish master artisans. Every work is the culmination of the skills of at least two, and up to six, or more artisans. The process demands collaborative working as we bring each piece and every aspect to life.



Our Scottish fine furniture master craftsmen have decades of knowledge and skill, creating exquisite pieces from harps to the most delicate and balanced sculptural forms. Working with the wood to liberate the form, they have created numerous pieces for display, exhibitions and public and private collections. Each work is shaped to release the features that are important. A blend of techniques, sometimes involving precious metals, brings the unique form to the fore, exhibiting technical excellence and sculptural beauty.



Our sculptural forms in wood, ceramics and metal echo the shapes and textures of our landscape. To bring out the inherent beauty and qualities of the materials, a blend of techniques are applied by our studio artisans. These individuals have worked extensively for private and public collections; each is a master of their art. Every object is painstakingly honed and crafted, bringing to life the surface, patterns and sublime tactile quality of each sculpture.